A throwback post of our “Team” snapbacks from summer 2012. Real clean charcoal & black colorway.


On the side.

Here at SWOBODA™, we’re from the Midwest. That being said, winters are long and boring. To most people, that means sitting at home doing nothing, maybe reading a book, lurk hard on that attractive girl’s Facebook profile, or just binge drink. This winter I decided to fiddle around with my skills on the Graphic Design end of things and start designing for other people/companies.


Midwest sole ( was the first one I did. We shot a couple emails back & forth. Worked out all the kinks until we had something we both could be proud of. If you’re in need of some kicks be sure to hit them up.


Max Gilbertson, the man behind pretty much all of our photos, was in need of a watermark for his work. Designed after a cameras aperture, it brings a clean look to his already clean photography.
*photos with the ‘G’ on them from now on are products of Gilbertson Photography

SWOBODA™ Motion Picture Film Deluxe Preview Edition.

Sweet Home Chicago


Living in southeastern Wisconsin can be pretty boring. Nothing but cornfields and dairy cows for miles. A couple months ago we set up a photo shoot with Tiffany Kukla, staff photographer Max Gilbertson, and Wes Hale of PortSide apparel in downtown Chicago to switch up the scenery. We had a basic guideline of where we were going to shoot, but nothing beats being random & seeing what you can come up with. Huge shout out to the crew. -Carl SWOBODA




The Backwards Flag.


In case you were wondering what the hell a backwards flag represents, just sit down because you’re about to get educated. Marines have been sporting the backwards American flag on the right shoulder since WWII-present as a sign of bravery and honor. In a nutshell it means to be the first one running into battle. To have no fear in the face of it.


Camo hoodieCouple of weeks ago the crew & PortSide owner Wes Hale got to shoot in downtown Chicago.  Nothing like some

good old fashioned Chicago style architecture to bring an ad campain together.

On the real.

Portside Clothing had a real dope photoshoot in an undisclosed location. Fortunately they were nice enough to let me tag along and gain some experience in the field.